This month at Visionary – July

Wow, July is not even over yet and blimey what a month it has been so far, we have achieved a record sales month which to us it only means we’re doing something right for our clients!

So lets go back to the beginning…

During the end of June a fresh office outbuild went up, it was put smack bang at the end of the garden which took around a week during hit and miss bad weather, but, we got there, even my little boy helped (Pictured).

We launched a number of websites during the end of June and well into July including TechVelocity being one of them for example and we even recreated our own that you’re now viewing :0

We had a wonderful whizz down to Bishop Stortford courtesy of GD Luxury Transport who are our valued travel partner and client at Visionary, Geoff drove myself to visit a new client and even waited for over 3 hours outside in his van, now that is what I call service, thanks Geoff. (He was probs writing up lots of amazing posts on his own Facebook? I can’t blame him though).

Our meeting with Home & Eat was fantastic, more to come on that soon.

For now, catch up laters and Roll on August!

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