Raptor Aerospace | Norfolk

Client: Raptor Aerospace
Project: Website Rebrand
Services: Website Design
Video: Not by us

Raptor Aerospace are an exciting business based in Norfolk with years of experience in the launch/rocketry sector in the UK, Raptor Aerospace provide both hands-on training, simulation and small launch vehicles to the UK space industry in order to prepare for orbital launch capability in the coming decade. Raptor Aerospace offer an immediate service to launch small payloads to high altitude (50,000ft+) and are working towards a space-capable launch service by 2021 delivering microgravity environments for commercial and research payloads.

The Brief
We were commissioned by Raptor Aerospace with a very tight deadline to do a complete rebrand for both their branding and website (Excluding the logo).

The website style was styled around both space and military, using dark backgrounds, open out menus, bold fonts and all the rest of it.

We are proud to be working with Raptor Aerospace and look forward working with them as they continue to rock the space industry!  

Visit Raptor Aerospace

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