East Anglia National Competitions

Competition Website

Project Stack

  • Custom Competition Website
  • WordPress CMS
  • WooCommerce
  • Custom Development
  • Fully Responsive

Project Brief

Following the initial success of East Anglia Competitions, the client wanted to further expand their customer base by opening their competitions up to residents from the rest of the UK. The new website needed distinctive branding, in addition to high functionality and the ability to handle traffic from across the nation at peak times. For this project, EAC chose to collaborate with Visionary again - thus East Anglia National Competitions was born!

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Going The Extra Mile

Our team customised WordPress’ framework so it could be used to facilitate sales and allocate ticket numbers. The site also needed to be capable of performing at a high level at all times of the day, ensuring fast loading times for both the customer & the client even in times of heavy traffic.  

Our solution? Powerful, 100% SSD hosting – certifying top-notch, ultra-fast website performance, whenever & wherever it’s needed.  

The branding for East Anglia National Competitions was also our responsibility; what we delivered was strong but familiar, not straying too far from the original concept but still distinct enough for audiences to be able to quickly & easily differentiate between EANC, its regional counterpart and its competitors. 

Rapid Web Hosting, Support & Routine Maintenance

All competition websites require different levels of resources at server-level. For East Anglia National Competitions, we opted for a WordPress specific hosting solution, utilising ultra-fast 100% SSD storage. As web traffic can be high during peak times, users are divided into compartments to guarantee the site continues to load and perform as expected.

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