Brick it

Competition Website

Project Stack

  • Custom Competition Website
  • WordPress CMS
  • WooCommerce
  • Custom Development
  • Fully Responsive

Project Brief

Brickit Competitions initially approached Visionary with a single, essential idea: A LEGO-themed giveaway website. Our teams closely collaborated over the course of the project, developing the concept further to create a fully-fledged brand - ready to serve fans of LEGO all across the UK! Once Launch Day had officially arrived, we had helped equip BrickIt with everything required for their business to not only survive, but thrive.

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Going The Extra Mile

Brickit opted for additional features to improve user experience, such as a custom draw date banner so users can easily check when giveaways are closing; e.g., as people aren’t always ‘date aware,’ a custom banner that automatically displays ‘Draws Tomorrow’ or ‘Draws Today’ on the final 2 days was developed.

We also implemented a front-end ticket counter so people can view how many tickets are in that draw and how many have currently sold. In turn, this feature helped to build customer trust and resulted in more sales, since all the information users require is openly & clearly displayed.

Rapid Web Hosting, Support & Routine Maintenance

All competition websites require different levels of resources at server-level. For Brickit, we opted for a WordPress specific hosting solution, utilising ultra-fast 100% SSD storage. As web traffic can be high during peak times, users are divided into compartments to guarantee the site continues to load and perform as expected.

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