Introducing Infloo | Influencer Marketing Norwich.

For the last few years at Visionary Hub Space we have noticed such an uplift in designing websites for businesses that offer a product or are in the hospitality industry, that being said we’re getting more and more businesses asking us if we provide a marketing channel that can get their offerings right in front of the eyes of their ideal audience. Well of course we can, not only do we offer digital marketing as you already know. So, we have partnered up with a new exciting brand so we can now offer something just as big, exciting and personalised by a brand new Influencer Marketing Agency in Norwich (Infloo).

In 2019 Influencer marketing has grown beyond anything we believed it would, being on course to become $8b industry this year alone. Even with this explosion, we noticed that the bigger businesses and brands were focusing on influencers with a larger following. It’s after noticing exactly this that we decided that micro-influencers needed an agency that would look after them, to give them the opportunities they deserve, and a chance to work with internationally-recognised brands too.

Why use influencers?

We wanted to create an agency that brands trust. Unlike other agencies, our focus is making sure we help the brand and the influencers they work with create content that perfectly showcases their products/services. We make sure that right from that first conversation we’re focusing on the brand’s needs and goals. Our clients are the most important thing to us here at Infloo, so we want them to feel special and see we’re working for them. We do this with communication (sounds obvious, right?). Well we’ve noticed this is where other agencies fall down actually.

So why use an influencer agency like Infloo, and not just do it yourself?

Well, put simply, it’s hard work. We help brands create a brief, then show the brands some of the influencers we think would be a good fit for them and get their feedback to help us better tailor our search. From there the real work starts. We get the products to the influencers, check the posts engagement one day after it goes live and again at one week to show the growth. Then each month we put together a comprehensive report showcasing how well the campaign is going.

All sounds pretty good, right?

Well if you sell products or offer services let us put a free, no obligation proposal together for you to show you what Infloo can do for your brand. Or download our media pack below!

Thanks for reading, stay excellent!

Download our Media Pack

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