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Are you looking at multiple raffle/competition websites thinking ‘I want to build a competition website but wondering who made many of them that are currently on the internet? Is that a resounding yes?

At Visionary Hub Space, we specialise in building competition-style websites right from the start all the way through to the finish line – keeping the journey for you absolutely stress-free, meaning you can get your car, tech, gaming competition website or any other skill-based competition website up and running.

You may have seen competition sites like BOTB, 7days performanceDream Car GiveawaysElite Competitions and a few more niche sites like Carp Gear Giveaways.

Build a Competitions Website process?

There are many factors when building a competition website however most of the information actually comes from you, we’re the designers, not your legal team, so it’s important that you understand the business model you’re going into and it’s up to you to source the ‘terms and conditions’ and ‘privacy policies’ for your business, we don’t really look at that side of things apart from having to  adapt to anything a merchant asks of during an account set up with them.

So the process is actually very simple, first you get in touch with us and you tell us all about your project and we send you one of these over to fill out, AKA a website brief. Once that form has been submitted stating your requirements, we will send over to you a quotation based on the entire project.

What’s included in the quotation to Build a Competitions Website?

To keep it as simple as possible, we include absolutely EVERYTHING within the project scope in the proposal in order to get your business live and off the ground. Most of these are required by a merchant (Payment Gateway) in their terms and conditions now when you want to get onboard.

Included in the project proposal;

  • Logo (3 concepts)
  • Website build & design (Home, current competitions, previous winners etc)
  • E-commerce shop (Competition products)
  • Random ticket generator feature (Once a user buys a competition ticket they are given a unique random number on checkout)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Business Email Address
  • Domain name purchase
  • Due to being a high-risk business model, fees are required upfront. 

Competition Website Merchants

Getting a merchant for your competition website now isn’t as smooth sailing as it was 1 year ago – Paypal & Stripe do not cater for competition websites anymore!

That’s why we have partnered with two merchants that specialise in competition websites meaning you are more than likely going to get accepted a merchant account within 24 – 48hrs, rather than weeks and weeks.

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